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Pride Track – LGBTQI+

Pride Track - LGBTQI+

The Pride Institute of Florida at Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Health Center provides inpatient treatment to LGBTQI+ community members who suffer from substance addiction, depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric issues. As a leading provider of mental health programs and chemical dependency care, we are proud to devote treatment specific to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

The Pride Institute, founded in 1986, is fully accredited and licensed by the state of Florida, certified by the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA), and was named a “Top 10 Performer in Quality Care” by the Joint Commission.

At the Pride Institute, we understand you; LGBTQI+ is the norm and never the exception. Our highly trained staff of doctors, nurses, and therapists offers individual, group, family, and recreational therapy to help people recover from addiction and mental disorders.

Outings, sober events, 12-step meetings, and educational activities are all part of the curriculum that has brought success to over 10,000 of patients over the past 25 years. Together, we heal from the chains of addiction and learn to live free.

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Learn more about the Pride Institute of Florida by calling 877-744-3346 (877-PRIDE-46) or visiting our website.