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Do you have questions about the treatments offered at Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Health Center? See our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still need assistance, please contact our admissions team.

Drug addiction treatment involves medical detoxification (if needed), group therapy, stabilization, and the 12-step program.

Family and friends can help by encouraging treatment, helping with medication stabilization, and being understanding of the addiction or mental disorder.

The length of the stay is usually determined by a multidisciplinary team based on the patient’s needs.

Inpatient treatment is 24-hour care provided inside a locked facility. It features more group activities than outpatient care. Outpatient treatment is less intensive and takes place four hours a day, five days a week. Patients return home after every day of treatment.

We have financial counselors available to discuss payment options. Reasonable self-pay rates are available.

Call Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Health Center at 954-734-2001 for information on our treatment programs, insurance options, and admissions. We are always available.