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Children’s Behavioral Health

Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Health Center provides behavioral health treatment for children (ages 5-12) dealing with a variety of mental health disorders. Our multidisciplinary staff of medical and psychiatric professionals offers specialized care to suit the needs of young children. We treat many children’s issues, including sexual mistreatment, abuse, and sibling-related anxiety.

Adolescent Behavioral Health

Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Health Center understands that many stressors are unique to adolescents. They yearn to be well- liked by their peers, do well in school, make their family proud and succeed in life.

While it is completely normal to worry about these pressures, a young person overwhelmed by them can develop feelings such as rage, worthlessness, and even hopelessness. Our mental health programs for adolescents are tailored to their needs and provide an environment for treatment.

Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Health Center treats adolescents (ages 11-17) for substance abuse, mental health issues, and co-occurring disorders. We accept Medicare and most other private insurances and have reasonable self-pay rates. To ask for more details or schedule a no cost assessment, call 954-734-2001.