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Addiction Services

Addiction Services

Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Health Center offers detoxification and rehabilitation to people suffering from substance abuse. We pride ourselves on making patients as comfortable as possible through a safe medically supervised detox process that greatly reduces the pain and discomfort associated with drug withdrawal.

During detox, our interdisciplinary team of psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, master’s level therapists, and mental health technicians closely monitor patients to ensure medical safety and comfort. Our programs also address co-occurring disorders that often accompany drug addiction.

Patients are introduced to the 12-step addiction model and given the opportunity to begin their individual 12-step journey as part of treatment. The program also provides them with group therapy, individual counseling, and recreational therapy.

We realize that addiction not only affects the patient—but his or her family too. For that reason, we offer and highly encourage family therapy and education sessions as part of treatment.

Multiple 12-step support groups visit the hospital to show patients continued-treatment options outside the hospital’s plan of action. These options include various outpatient therapy programs and groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Cocaine Anonymous (CA).

Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Health Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call 800-585-7527 at any hour for additional information or to schedule a no-cost assessment.