Methadone Abuse

Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Health Center is one of the only treatment centers in the state of Florida that offers suboxone and methadone protocols.

Methadone is a synthetic opioid used medically as an anti-addictive for patients with opioid dependency. It acts on the same opioid receptors as drugs like morphine and heroin. In extreme cases, people use methadone to self-medicate chronic pain due to the very powerful effects and can be obtained at a very low cost.

It is also used during medically supervised detox because it has cross-tolerance with other opioids like heroin and morphine. This means it offers similar effects, making the detox process less painful.

Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Health Center accepts Medicare and most other private insurances and has reasonable self-pay rates. Call 954-734-2001 for more information.

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